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Like every Love story , there’s a boy… and a girl so, boy meets girl…literally:) Tries to drag her to play, but she’s not having it(i promise, i just happened to be at the right place and time, when all this was happening)He thinks, what can i do, how do i get her attention??He offers […]

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3 today!!! happy birthday???

Today, exactly 3 years ago i shot my first party.   I’m just grateful for another year pursuing this passion, and for all the people who have encouraged me in one way or another, either by being great evangelists of my work, or buying me gear(even ones i don’t need) , constantly viewing the blog […]

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Irene & Nicole

The birthday girls:) No, they are not twins! it was Nicole’s 8th birthday, and it happened to fall on a weekend, Irene has turned 10 earlier on in the week, and their parents decided to have a joint party.It was nice and small, everything was “home grown”…..even down to the Games compere. Instead of the […]

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