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Most of 2015 ….in a Nutshell

What a year! I’m grateful. SO many themes, some i couldn’t have even imagine. Some i even shot twice!Frozen i shot Thrice!!!(and i’ve decided is my least favourite theme, next to shooting indoor events). From Bubble Guppies, Alice in wonderland, Rodeo Peppa Pig, Garden Fashion Party ,Superheroes, Carnival , Princess, A Dinosaur theme!!!, A Chef […]

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Micah In Wonderland, A Play Date.

  Before i get into Micah in wonderland, the play date edition, let me just say it feels like a while since i posted anything. I have been good busy. It almost felt like more children were born in November and December than any other month in the year. Micah in Wonderland, a theme, loosely […]

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