Kidentrepreneurs: A Children’s Business fair in Lagos

So!!! Last post before 2016 ends!

On the 17th of December 2016, Kidentreprenuers held a first of its kind in Lagos kiddie business fair for children between the ages of 5-13 and i must say it was well attended. I cannot share all the images from the event but, here are a few!

The purpose of the business fair was to promote kid entrepreneurship, and i must say i was surprised at the turn out of children with businesses.I’m not talking my parents run a business , and they made me the front person. No children who actually make things and we able to explain what they did.

First up Jemimah and Aderonke of Jay’s Bling(instagram handle @jaysbling). They made embellished journals and baseball hats.
kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-26 year old Edefe of EE jewellers (@ee_jewelries) and some of her wares.kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-3Patiently handcrafted and made with love:)kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-46 year old Zahra of Sugar Snap(@Sugarsnap)setting up her stand at the business fair.kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-5kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-6kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-7kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-8kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-9Simisola, 5 year old Chief baker of Simi’s BakeHouse.kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-10kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-11kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-12Two SG,they had a fresh fruits and juice stand, where the made to order juices for customers.kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-134 years old Aderayo of Anna’s Mixes.It was a hot day so her Pink Lemonade,Chapman and Anna’s Refresher Mix were a blessing for sure!kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-14The creativity at this fair knew no bounds.kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-15The A-team!Oshaon and Osaro, their slogan “We don’t clean your house, we teach your children how to clean” catchy! (@a.teamclean)kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-16kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-17A and Y cookies and cards.kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-18Dawn and Dew Mojitos.kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-19kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-20Aviel of Aviel’s Twist, Raheed and Raqia of R&R little savers. they had the cutest piggy ¬†banks. Abdul salad and Jamal of Mirror Images..You can guess what they do!kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-21Art by Myakidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-22She amused me with her money counting skills.One of the things the fair encouraged, was the children doing the exchange themselves; goods for cash.kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-23Mirror images were at the fair to do fun Portraits .
kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-24Treats by Tomisin, who insisted on taking photos with the other members of her “company”.kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-25kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-26Taste of Peridot!!!i exclaimed…like i know them personally. Actually i don’t, but in the midst of all the sweets and baked goods, this was the only proper food on site.Interesting fact, she made the food at the fair.kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-27kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-28kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-29kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-30kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-31kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-32kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-33kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-34One of the sponsors of the Fair Art+Word (@officialartword) had some of their pieces on sale.kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-35kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-36Tumise ,who was the official Kid Photographer of the business fair.kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-37kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-38kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-39kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-40kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-41The Little giants Gymnastics club.kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-42In summary….plenty buying and selling went on.kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-43kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-44kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-45

But it wasn’t just buying and selling.Frannie Asemota of the Mustard Seed , talked about Parenting an Enterprising Kid


and Omilola Oshikoya, Africa’s Premier Wealth Coach and the do It Afraid founder spoke on financial Literacy for kids was on hand to give a small talk on…..


kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-46kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-47kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-48kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-49kidsfair-olatoun-okunnu-photography-50Kidentrepreneurs is an initiative of Bowale Agboade.They can be found at

Did i mention that the children got the stands for free! and admission was also free!oh and that it was Nigeria;s first ever market place for Kid Entrepreneurs??

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