Still Posting Photos from November/December 2015! This Party was organised by Coker Creative. Mummy I hear was an event planner, back in the day(i say that like she’s in a her 50s, but she’s not. Very yummy young mummy) so she organised the Decor. Miss Tunminu had a Rainbow/ Lil’ Miss themed party. Lil’ […]

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  HELLO 2016!!! Another year! wow!!! 2015 was Amazing! I don’t even know where to start. So i started of the year, thinking”dream big, dream big” , without necessarily being specific about what dreaming big meant. I read a post on Demi O. Photography’s blog, about making a “bucket list”. He’s a wedding photographer, and […]

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Most of 2015 ….in a Nutshell

What a year! I’m grateful. SO many themes, some i couldn’t have even imagine. Some i even shot twice!Frozen i shot Thrice!!!(and i’ve decided is my least favourite theme, next to shooting indoor events). From Bubble Guppies, Alice in wonderland, Rodeo Peppa Pig, Garden Fashion Party ,Superheroes, Carnival , Princess, A Dinosaur theme!!!, A Chef […]

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Bsr - December 28, 2015 - 10:12 am

Well done! We await 2016 and the great things that are going to happen to us all x

Best wishes

Micah In Wonderland, A Play Date.

  Before i get into Micah in wonderland, the play date edition, let me just say it feels like a while since i posted anything. I have been good busy. It almost felt like more children were born in November and December than any other month in the year. Micah in Wonderland, a theme, loosely […]

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wani - January 30, 2016 - 2:13 pm

lovely – i love committment to a theme!

A Rodeo Peppa Pig Themed Party

  Today’s Post is mostly the Details/Decor from a Rodeo /Rustic Peppa Pig Themed Party for a two year old. I guess you can call it another Play date party. It was small and intimate, the total number of people in attendance was probably 60, at most. The End. Party was Planned and Decorated by […]

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