A Dinosaur Themed Play Date Party

Play dates are still trending! Small Parties are soooo cute. This Dinosaur themed play date party was soo cute! The dinosaurs weren’t even scary:) It was small intimate Play date- it was a party for a sweet four…excuse me four and a half year old(he corrected me). Party was Decorated and Organised by Fara and […]

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Like i said Play dates are in. Splash, a water theme play date party for a really pleasant five year old. Smaller parties, a lot more intimate. Todays Play date was Splash! themed. everything water basically, so of course i can’t share too many photos of the children as they were mostly in their bathing […]

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oluwatosin - January 6, 2016 - 12:45 pm

Nice decoration


  Play dates are in!!! Parents who don’t want to have big parties(where they can avoid it) just have big play date parties now. You invite a small number of children(or a lot!) depending on the amount of children you can’t not invite, and just have them play and and run around. No Games Compere/ […]

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wani - October 20, 2015 - 5:38 pm

This is soooooo cool…..love the fishtanks with the coloured stones and that cake is magnificent. I love that I can just come to your blog for kid party inspiration….lovely work as always 🙂

Aliya’s Frozen Bling Theme Party

Aliya’s Frozen bling Party. Little story behind this party. I loved loved the Frozen movie, but was determined not to shoot a frozen themed party. Why? it was all over the place. it was as though every single child in Lagos wanted a Frozen Party, and i was literally tired of seeing the various interpretations(not […]

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A Cow Boy Themed Party

  It been a while , since my last Post. I feel like i’ve said that a lot this year. I’ve been good busy. Here’s some bits and bobs for Ayomiposi’s First Birthday Party. It was a Cow Boy Themed Party. The best thing about themed parties, apart from the children(and in some cases adults […]

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alicia Ogbologugo - July 29, 2015 - 9:40 am

this is what party planning is. Toun pls send me the party planners number. and of course naah you i go use.

wani - October 20, 2015 - 5:42 pm

I love a complete commitment to a theme and awesome portrait of the cowboy….nicely done 🙂